Wednesday, April 30, 2008

See you sucka's in two weeks!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dead Ends

Oh, I'm working on something new. CN doesn't get the Dungeonhood, and it's been put on the back burner until the new new thing is underway. Unfortunately I can't show you the new new thing. I can show you this page of dead ends, though. I was working on a little boy character, and this is one of dozens of pages of sketches I puked out before realizing that the character shouldn't even be human, much less a boy.

My favorite part is the bulldog. He showed up in a dream a few nights later and bit the back of some guy's head off. No joke, yo.

In other news, I'm seriously considering wiping out my MySpace account. I can't seem to keep up. So just... be ready.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Playing Rough

Here are some rough sketches I did for the girl "Cricket" in the last post. She's from one of several projects I've pitched over the last few years that slipped through the cracks during the executive coup. "The Dungeonhood" is about teenage monsters who live in a dungeon neighborhood beneath a large Medieval kingdom. Cricket here is the daughter in a goblin family, and the implication is that she might not be a goblin herself. Maybe, just maybe, since all this garbage floats down into the sewers from the kingdom above, she did too.

The "Sailor Moon" outfit was just a joke on my part, since I'd started off making her look so Anime. I haven't decided whether she'll keep it or not.

My plan is to keep refining the designs and eventually to make toys out of them. I know a lot of you have done similar things, so if you know any great sculptors or anything about manufacturing, I'd be willing to listen.

Here's another character, "Francis", from the same project.

And the title design I whipped up for the pitch bible.

I don't know if I'll show any more from The Dungeonhood just yet. Most of my time now is going to working on yet another new pitch. Remeber, those of you who want to pitch shows, that you have to be willing to see most of your ideas swirling down the toilet bowl. Some people will say, "Don't get too attached to your ideas," but I think that's a stupid thing to say. If you don't care about what you're pitching, you sure as hell ain't gonna be able to make anyone else care. So, yeah, it's gonna be Sophie's Choice every single frickin' time.

In other news, Underfist is done! Thanks again to all of you who worked on it. You should be damn proud!