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The Annies went well (as well as could be expected-- we didn't win) and Kung-Fu Panda destroyed everything in its path. Not many surprises, but good to see a lot of people I haven't seen in a while.

I've been busy since New Year's dressing up my pitches all sexy-like and teaching them how to go out and earn some bread, and now I'm gonna send 'em out on the streets for the first time. Let's just hope they know what they're doing, the stupid pitches.

In the mean time, I've done something I swore I'd never do again-- cohabitating! There goes the dream of being George Clooney Jr. Still, I've never been so happy. Well, except for being unemployed and having to build tons of Ikea furniture. I'm starting to hate the name "Billy".

So pretty much I'm in another spot where I've got nothing to show you guys for a while. So here's a cheesy picture from the Annies of Jay Bastian (CN executive), James Silverman (producer of Underfist), some goon, and Greg Eagles (Grim). Damn, what a bunch of handsome livestock.

It takes a loong while for anything to get going in TV, but if you don't hear from me in a few months you can assume I've either won the lottery, given up and moved to Canada where people get paid to make cartoons, or am crying myself to sleep at night. Or all three.

When the stuff starts coming back up here it'll be coming up fast and furious, like a breasfast burrito. I'm starting to work on my vinyl toys again and once I get some sketches done I'll share 'em here since I've really got nothing to lose (or gain, really) on those babies.

Stay sharp. Trust no one!


Blogger remking said...

I don`t quite understand how they can consider anything CGI as animation. It`s like replacing your lawn with Astro Turf.

I also don`t see the point in giving a celebrity an award for doing voice. Dustin Hoffman just does Dustin Hoffman. When Dustin Hoffman can do Billy, or Grim, or Jeff the Spider I will be impressed.

3:37 PM  
Blogger Izzy said...

Good to hear from you!
Later in the future I can't wait to see more awesome art from you.


4:02 PM  
Blogger wolfboy said...


2:11 PM  
Blogger Maxwell Atoms said...

Why so serious? I'm actually having a great time and there are a lot of opportunities right now. I'm pretty excited, really!

4:39 PM  
Blogger MasterK said...

:S KFP was OK, but not awards material.
Good luck with pitches though :D

9:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know this may be a little pushy and I'm sorry for all the requests but could you please post a board from the slapstick scene when Hoss and Skarr are getting mawled to death by the candy monster and skeletons?BTW,how's the pitch coming?

Ps.Yeah...Kung Fu Panda was a really funny and action paked movie but Underfist was cooler.I loved the plot and I was impressed by all the slapstick fights you jammed in to it.I look up to you and I hope to make awesome cartoons just like you when I'm older.Do you think that I have a chance since I'm writing scripts and storyboards at 12 years old?

1:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just watched an episode of Evil Con Carne that you wrote and boarded.It was about them makin' a stink ray and I loved that slapstick scene with Cod Commando.Cod Commando is my favorite character and you did a great job designing and voicing him!

10:57 PM  
Anonymous Matt said...

Perhaps you could instruct us on the art of making sexy pitches...?

11:53 PM  
Blogger Waterbury Girl said...

OMG! You're still alive! and still working on projects! Amazing. LOL

Looking forward to seeing the new stuff!

10:20 AM  
Blogger Laurelin said...

Hello loser,
Thanks for ignoring me at the Annies. I'm not being sarcastic at all, I really do appreciate it. I don't like having to explain junk to people who think I'm intelligent and generally a good human being. Thanks for the storyboard paper, sucka. ;D

6:49 PM  
Blogger CaseyBug said...

Yeah, unemployment and all...
But hey, you and your lady are having a good living together now so it ain't all bad like ya said. Once you get a kickass job at a kickass place, I'll probably be asking ya all sorts of nosy questions again haha.

Glad you updated the blog!
Keep n' touch and thanks for the help so far on my job hunting-ness.


5:24 PM  
Blogger Unlimited 99 said...

I'll be waiting here, on the edge of my seat. GO GET 'UM!

7:21 PM  
Blogger kidSSJ4Goku said...

Its so awesome that youre so optimistic about the future :D

I was really surprised by all the winners of the annies. None of the ones that I actually thought would make it did :X

anyways, Looking forward to your next projects

5:34 AM  
Blogger Gilberto Valadares said...

Maxwell, I am a big fan of your work, I was very happy to find your blog ...
Won a constant visitor... :)))

12:06 PM  
Blogger Gilberto Valadares said...

Maxwell, I am a big fan of your work, I was very happy to find your blog ... :)))

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there Mr.Atoms
I am a big fan of Grim Adventures Of Billy and Mandy. Well I was reading a fan comic based around your show ,and involving many other shows. I was just wondering if you have ever read it. It is called "Grim Tales from Down Below" it follows the kids of Grim and Mandy. Ya I know sounds weird but its a pretty interesting story. I suggest that you check it out. :"D

6:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry for all the comments...

What would the story be about if you were to make make Underfist vs the Dinosaurs?

6:12 PM  
Blogger Mike Milo said...

Good luck Adam! Sell those stupid pitches! I hope some day in the future we get to work together!

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Cod Commando?That was my fravorite charactor from Evil Con Carne,plus how you voiced him!If Underfist ever gets a dinosaur sequel,will you use that clip of the tyrannosaurus rex chasing Underfist's tank/car?

Ps.When creating a cartoon what do you do?I'm working on creating one right now since the last show kinda dropped in to the Grand Canyon.

5:56 PM  
Blogger stephanie said...

murf, i am looking forward to be in animation and you are by far my inspiration, i love how you tell it like it is, its sad tho that you dont work for CN anymore T. T i loved all of your cartoons, espicially cow and chicken, XD, stop by my gallery sometime? P.S alot of it is old junk i keep alot of my real new and neat stuff in my portfolio... oh yeah my school is being a bitch and is taking money out of art class >:U, they are taking that money and are putting it into the football team T. T, sad huh? now i have to pay for public school artclasses, just to piss them off i should spam them with yiff >:D

8:29 PM  
Blogger Retro Corgi said...

well, i am crying myself to sleep all the time now because my stupid school is stealing money from the art class funds T. T, they take the money from art club art class and use it to buy new turf for the friggin football field, it makes me sad cause i want to be an animator too, and possably work for these guys>> sigh... my dreams are becoming slim, i need people to yell at the Missouri government for their lame cuts from money in our schools D<, i mean srsly who wants to pay for a public school class?! if i wanted a private school i would definatly pay for it, but if its public i expect them to help me achieve what i want in life.

1:47 PM  
Blogger Holly Kim Almaguer said...

Hurry up and get a show please.

4:24 PM  
Blogger RobochaoXX said...

I hope you find a job Mr.Atoms!

Nobody deserves to be unemployed, not even Joe Unemployed.

He works for the city picking up soda cans with a rusty fork.

Occasionally he waves at a sexy stranger or two but they walk away, leaving him in his naked loneliness.

8:07 PM  
Blogger Maxwell Atoms said...

Holy crud. I kind of hope you both go to the same school!

@ Kirk-
Sorry. I've archived all my old CN stuff. I just needed to get away from it. I'll pull it out again someday. Someday...

As far as how I go about creating a cartoon... yeah. That should probably be the next post. I'm remembering a lot of the stuff I had the Government wipe from my mind last time around.

9:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm actually homeschooled.

9:39 AM  
Blogger Wormen said...

Hey Max, first of all I'm a huge fan of your toons and stuff, I'm a student in animation, and I would really appreciate if you'd stop by my blog and give me some constructive critic, or well, any critic is accepted!:P

3:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, glad to know youre ok, hope you stay in good shape, and funny of course, dont ever let the lame sucker market make you sad.

about the awards, it was expected since its all about publicity, so...

if you win the lotto produce a little cartoon and publish in the internet pls; if you cry yourself to sleep maybe you should tape it and use it in a cartoon later, would be kinda funny, or messed up; and, well, I dont know anything about canada besides terrance and phillip, but maybe in that case you should go to japan, they produce a zillion great cartoons there, maybe mandy as president vanishes billy from the usa and he ends up in japan, or something (I think you said once that b and m were prop of cn, so just an idea, also, does billy has a middle or last name since now is hated?).


7:46 PM  
Blogger Maxwell Atoms said...

The sick thing is that if I DID win the lottery I probably would use a lot of the money to make some cartoons...

5:35 PM  
Blogger remking said...

If I won the Lotto, I would bring the CN (Canadian Network) back to the USA, and start making CN watchable once again.

12:01 AM  
Blogger BrendaMoon said...

Woo, you have been so busy...
And you are popular! lol

10:19 AM  
Blogger Dan szilagyi said...

been a fan for a while sir and good to have found your blog!
it's a shame you didn't win and instead a lame CGI movie cleans a path ( do i see a slew of even worse sequels in it's wake? )

Keep up the great work though, because TV needs to get some good strong and funny 2D! cartoons on again

and yes we do get paid to make cartoons in canada but it's cheap, shitty flash stuff....and then look at something like Sixteen and shake your head.... :(

Cheers sir!

2:39 PM  
Anonymous Matt D. said...

I can't watch that new Batman cartoon without laughing at Hoss. I mean Batman.

5:52 PM  
Blogger SeƱor Chips said...

Thanks for the comment, that's very nice of you to say. If animation would make your sexy pitches any sexier, a few of us would be more than happy to lend a hand making them move.

5:54 PM  
Anonymous Deathany said...

I still have never seen Jeff the Spider. I want to. How come you don't have a myspace? Unemployment stinks. I just found out I should be earning more for what I do.

6:53 AM  
Blogger remking said...

Yesterday, my grand daughter and I were at the 99 Cent Store, and we found DVD`s of Atomic Betty, Static Shock, and even a Samurai Jack in Spanish. I hope this means there is still hope for Underfist, as I have not found anything of Endsville at the 99 Cent Animation Graveyard. By the way, we also found a SpongeBob wallet. What do you think it means?

7:29 AM  
Blogger brian smith said...

i had to put together one of those a couple weeks ago..i like how the Ikea instructions have no words...that helps..just want to say hello and wish you well with your pitches (and everything else)..

9:54 AM  

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