Thursday, February 07, 2008


Sorry. I just deleted a whole bunch of comments from people. In a very stupid way. But these things happen. Thanks, anyway, for the well-wishes and questions and stuff.

From what I remember:

No, there's no planned Evil Con Carne DVD. However, there are a few on the Billy & Mandy Season One DVD, and if CN puts out the rest of the BM seasons, we'd parceled out a few half-hours of ECC for each! My favorites were the last four half hours. Those I felt really in control over. And everybody knew their character and were really able to make the show better. The highlights, I think, are C.H. Greenblatt's traffic epic "Gridlocked and Loaded", Brett Varon's "H.C.C.B.D.D." and Alex Almaguer's "Mother of All Evils". Ah, good times.

Somebody asked something else, but I forgot it while writing the first reply. To the kid with the birthday: Right-on. Keep on aging. And to the pastor from Manchester who'd started to question his faith: Start playing more video games. It'll distract you from the cruel truths of agnosticism. And finally, to Jimmy Strattonshire of Manchester, England, who turned eight this week: Please stop trying to read my mind. I know it's you.

Something real coming soon...