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Sorry. I just deleted a whole bunch of comments from people. In a very stupid way. But these things happen. Thanks, anyway, for the well-wishes and questions and stuff.

From what I remember:

No, there's no planned Evil Con Carne DVD. However, there are a few on the Billy & Mandy Season One DVD, and if CN puts out the rest of the BM seasons, we'd parceled out a few half-hours of ECC for each! My favorites were the last four half hours. Those I felt really in control over. And everybody knew their character and were really able to make the show better. The highlights, I think, are C.H. Greenblatt's traffic epic "Gridlocked and Loaded", Brett Varon's "H.C.C.B.D.D." and Alex Almaguer's "Mother of All Evils". Ah, good times.

Somebody asked something else, but I forgot it while writing the first reply. To the kid with the birthday: Right-on. Keep on aging. And to the pastor from Manchester who'd started to question his faith: Start playing more video games. It'll distract you from the cruel truths of agnosticism. And finally, to Jimmy Strattonshire of Manchester, England, who turned eight this week: Please stop trying to read my mind. I know it's you.

Something real coming soon...


Blogger RELYT1992 said...

That was me who wished you Happy Birthday.
I hope CN puts the other seasons on dvd. I enjoyed watching all the old episodes. The show has changed a lot since season one.

12:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

grid locked and loaded was very good, took me a while to find that episode!

also really enjoyed "Hector, King of the Britons"/"Jealousy, Jealous Do"

but answer this! Are there any unaired evil con carne episodes?

5:29 AM  
Blogger Christopher L. Jones said...

Hi...Maxwelll Atoms you are my hero...and I know It sounds crazy but it's always been my dream to meet and talk to you in pearson...but when I heard I could comment on your blog, well it's the next best thing so...thats why I am so happy right now. My Name is Christopher Lawrence Jones, I am 12 years old and my dream is to creat a cartoon called: The Very Chaotic and Crazy Adventures of Christopher Jones...If you take a look at my blog and go to older posts you can see how the title of my show will look...I want to be just like you when I grow up!...I really hope more seasons of billy and mandy come out!

6:08 PM  

YES! I love Evil Con Carne but here in australia the billy and mandy DVD doesn't have any special features or ECC eps.....:( oh well

P.S Pleeeeeeease put more maxwell art up

9:35 PM  
Blogger Christopher L. Jones said...

Did someone say it was Maxwelll Atoms birthday...Oh no!!! Did I miss it...I wish I did'nt I whould have been celibrating it...well If I did miss it...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAXWELL ATOMS!!!!!

7:40 AM  
Blogger Bookish.Spazz said...

Oops I missed your birthday... Happy belated birthday!
I just recently borrowed my friend's Billy and Mandy DVD and I've been playing it non-stop!
ECC is awesome! I really wish there were more eps. tho.

4:12 PM  
Blogger Arwen said...

Hi Maxwell. The realization that billy & mandy is gone is still sinking in... All I have left to look forward to, are reruns. *sigh* I can only hope that "Underfist" will be as good as as billy and mandy. :(
oh, and happy birthday by the way.

4:35 PM  
Anonymous Matt said...

I'm on the track to becoming a writer. Prepping myself to attend Central Michigan University next year, where I hope to attain my writing degree. Here's to meeting you as peers in the future.

(On a side note, I'd really like to meet Phil LaMarr...)

Good luck in the stuff you do.

10:02 AM  
Blogger Claire said...

You probably get this a lot but I've been wondering. When you want to get into the animation industry what qualifications are they interested in? Or education for that matter. Would a University be better suited than an art college?

I'm considering trying to apply to go to Edinburgh College of art over going to a University to learn animation and I've heard mixed things. just thought I'd gather a few opinions on it because I'm a little lost.
I'm sure you don't need me spraffing on about how much I love your shows, that's probably kinda obvious by the fact I'm here commenting in the first place. Much love to your tallent!



11:13 AM  
Anonymous April said...

hey maxwell i just got season one of BM on dvd and i was wondering if there was any info on release dates for the other seasons.. really looking forward to them :)

10:12 AM  
Blogger Ash Collins said...

dude, i cant believe ive found your blog!!! you are awesome. i love billy and mandy. please.. continue to be awesome!

4:35 AM  
Blogger BMoon said...

So, now you give special messages to your readers? Cool man! Can you give me one message in your next post? Jaja!
Note: your birthday? Mmmmh.... congratulations, I guess

10:45 AM  
Blogger Kevin W. Martinez said...

It doesn't look like CN is going to put out more Billy and Mandy anytime soon (since nothing's been anoounced except for Ben 10) DVD's. I think we need to start some grandiose letter-writing campaign.

1:34 PM  
Blogger Maxwell Atoms said...

@ Claire:

I really don't think anyone will care where you came from as long as you're good. I know people (including myself) that went to a 4 year schools. Cal Arts is a big one. But I also know people that went through two years of community college. There are some pretty amazing artists who didn't quite make it through high-school, come to think of it.

I don't think you should deny yourself a good education, but talent and drive can carry you a long way.

10:28 AM  

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