Monday, January 08, 2007

Your Future Looks Grim

This year the Billy and Mandy crew went to Comicon. Too bad for you chumps who wouldn't fork out the dough to fly in from Vancouver or Dehli or wherever you were that you thought that was an acceptable excuse. If you had gone, you would've seen myself, storyboard artists C.H. Greenblatt, Alex Almaguer, Mike Diederich, and Ian Wasseluk, as well as Grey Delisle (voice of Mandy) and Vanessa Marshall (voice of Irwin). But wait! There's more! You also would have received a free tarot card from the batch below...

Here's an actual-size view of the Death card. With all of the cards I tried to keep the symbolism intact. It wasn't always possible, and I did occasionally take some artistic license. If you can call turning a horse into a farting monster artistic license.

At the last minute I added a "Hermit" card featuring General Skarr. That one isn't shown here, but you can imagine it. Here, try it with me...


Blogger Jay Dugger said...

I don't suppose these will appear for sale, or as a slideshow on the DVDs? (Hint, hint, hint.)

5:50 PM  
Blogger robert burger said...

does fred fredburger make an apperance in the movie?!?! i love him and billy & mandy

2:30 PM  
Blogger robert burger said...

i made a website of billy,mandy,grim,fred fredburger and others at if you visit leave a message in my blog saying how you think about it.


2:49 PM  

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